Sunday, 4 January 2009

CAMed 1.6 Release Notes

CAMed 1.6 Release Notes

Release completed Sunday 4th January 2009

Key Components of 1.6

CAMV version

JCAM version 1.0.11-prod

CAMed version 1.6.1-prod


CAM Editor - 1.6.1 Windows installer

CA Editor 1.6.1 - Zip File


1) Development has been moved to the Eclipse 3.4.1 Ganymede platform.
2) Minimum JRE is now 1.6 release 11.
3) Two new tools have been added to the tools menu.  These allow the current template to be used to create a dictionary of information about the nodes used in the template.  This can also be used to merge information from many templates into one dictionary.  The second tool is Compare to Dictionary that creates an XML file that contains information of usage of the current template against a dictionary.

4) CAMV has been upgraded to support orderChildren.  This only really works for child nodes that are not part of choices.  
5) The CAM template validator will raise a warning if orderChildren is applied to nodes that are part of a setChoice.
6) Removal of the Import and Properties views.  These were removed as although defined in the CAM 1.1 specification they are not used by either of the processors. 
7) With the introduction of conditional xpaths having to be relative to the node being checked for CAMV, the XSD2CAM generator has been changed to reflect this.
8) CAMV was not properly appending second faults on a node. This has been fixed.
9) CAMV now reports exceptions in processing against the node associated with the problem if there is one, otherwise it uses the root node.
10) Include processing was not working in the editor.  This now works.
11) CAMV was not handling default values on parameters correctly, this is now fixed.
12) The parameter view is now checking inputs to make sure that parameters are valid.

13) a late addition. Some errors were not being correctly being associated with the node that contain the errors.

BUGS Fixed

2484297            include of same file is not working

2484175            CAM 2 CXF not escaping & in output

2481565            two errors on same node not shown

2481108            restriction base="string" type information skipped

2479956            Enhance choice() XPaths for non-namespaced elements

2479953            xs:sequence within xs:sequence in currently processed

2479951            Support for xs:all in xsd2cam processing

2477732            Condition Editor - textual error

2477729            Using Properties

2477727            Parameter problems - creating

2477726            include problems while removing duplicates

2477719            orderChildren does not work in CAMV

2473442            xsd2cam needs to use relative xpaths

2471968            When saxon fails the errors are not passed to the user

2430249            Display scaling on XSD2CAM Wizard panel

2450034            New validator loops on certain xml tests with namespaces

2484217            string mask is adding extra } to end of mask

2484272            CAM2XSD - Two choice() groups together - only first output

2468594            Create template from Schema defect InvalidParameterException

2486564            Repeating element error not appearing in results


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