Monday, 12 January 2009

CAMed 1.6.3 Release

This release is bug fix release.  The major changes are in the area of tidying up areas such as the parameter view to make sure that incorrect parameters are less likely.  Also CAMV should now raise exceptinos for things like mixed content and parameter issues.

Quite a few changes have occurred within the xsd2cam stylesheets.  This should eleviate some of the minor niggles that remained.

Bugs Fixed

2500080       setchoice handling needs updated to match name() rule
2499432       Mixed content ignored
2496940       Parameter causes SaxonApiException
2496296       xsi:nil incorrectly checked
2496291       any is not working
2494648       Erroneous "template is null"
2493610       Exception when reading string pattern in XSD
2488827       Dictionary merge - mask detail update handling
2488824       Test case generation - short data type handling
2488820       Tabular Report - choice() on name()= items

Feature Requests

2492737 Shortcut keys needed

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